I got a traffic ticket on turning right on red last August. I was referred by my friend to contact TicketDiscard.com 
to take care of my case.

It took almost 4 months to get the final decision. Although my ticket wasn’t dismissed, I had a good experience working with guys in TicketDiscard.
I would recommend this company to the people who got traffic tickets to deal with.

- Yue, California

Ticket Discard is a very helpful website. Especially we Chinese people are not used to arguing for our own rights. Ticket Discard educates and helps me not to give up my legal rights. For example, Red Light Camera itself is still a controversial enforcement which is not fully rightful. In such case, we should not just accept what is imposed on us. Working in Silicon Valley, I am very busy with a lot of business trips. Kevin provided very professional advice and assistance. I highly recommend this website for people who are in traffic ticket troubles. 

- Jimmy Xu

"My speeding and passenger seat belt ticket was dismissed. Kevin did a very good job on the strategy.

If you want to fight the ticket and need help, I strongly recommend Kevin.

Hope everyone drives safely."

-Z.F. Yang
I got my traffic ticket about stop sign in May 2012 in northern California, and I was referred by my friend to contact TicketDiscard.com to take care of my case. I was so procrastinated that I sent ticket info to Kevin nearly the last day. Kevin helped me to file the appeal urgently, and mail it out to the court on the same day. After all the Kevin's efforts, my case got dismissed and we won the case. Thanks Kevin!  - Yi, CA

I got a ticket back in July 2013 for $162 due to using cellphone on the highway. 

what I was doing at that time is to check GPS.....I thought there is no chance to get the $$ back, however after contact Kevin he was very
responsive and help me prepare all the document and discuss with me several times on the strategy. He submitted the form in end of Sep. and yesterday I got court notice my ticket has been dismissed!

I highly appreciate Kevin's profession service and guidance, and I would recommend it to other people.


I strongly recommend TicketDiscard especially Kevin.

I was making the right turn on a red lights right before the traffic on the left hand side resumes, and what I can not believe is that a cop stopped me and gave my first traffic ticket for careless turn. As this is my first time for this scenario, I was worried and felt helpless. Luckily, I found TicketDiscard through referral from a friend. And ever since then, the whole process become very easy and manageable.

Kevin is so informative, helpful and also very resourceful. I am amazed by Kevin's numerous ideas to get my money back. I could have paid 290 dollars and hit by 20% increase on the insurance. But it is Kevin's help eventually convince the judge that I don't deserve that heavy punishment for a right turn. So eventually, we reduced the ticket by 120 dollars as well as keep the insurance the same.

I hope to never deal with this kind of drama again but if anyone is unlucky to have any issue with traffic cop, Kevin is the right person to reach out for help. He will definitely lead you through and make sure you gain the justice back!

Best Regards


"I had a speeding ticket of $402.25 in Truckee back in February when I was driving up to the North Star Ski Resort with friends. Kevin from TicketDiscard.com was referred to me by one of my friends, and I contacted Kevin two days later.  Kevin listened to my case and helped me to prepare and send an application for Trial by Written Declaration, which I never know there was such an option.  With his step-by-step guidance, it took me no time to prepare all the materials.    After couple of months of waiting, I received the decision letter from the Court - Not Guilty!. To me, this is a miracle.  Kevin is professional and his service is highly recommended. 

-Kai Z."

"I was not aware the rear seat passenger was also required to wear seat belt until we were stopped by the police on our way to North Star ski resort in February, 2013.  I received a ticket and asked to appear in the Truckee Supreme Court CA a month later.  As recommended by my friend, I contacted Ticketdiscard.com. Kevin handled my case, and he was very responsive and patiently helped me to prepare all the necessary forms and materials he needed.  After he submitted all the materials, he told me the process usually took couple months.  However, he was very responsible and checked with me every other month on whether I had heard from the court.  Last week (June 25, 2013), I was notified by Truckee Supreme Court CA that my case was dismissed, and my $218 fine would be refunded back to me.  
Thanks you Kevin and Ticketdiscard.com!


I got a ticket for speeding on a local road in San Jose last January. Kevin helped so much and the ticket got dismissed. He is always reachable for helpful advice, and his document preparation is very smooth and timely. With his help, the ticket of $238 is dismissed. Thank you, Kevin!  - Tianpei

"I got caught by a red light camera in culver city. The ticket cost $490 which is a huge amount of money. Thanks Kevin. He gave me a lot of useful advise. With his help, this ticket was deducted to $238. I am satisfied with this result. Thank you Kevin." - Song, CA