"So excited! Under Kevin's help again, I won the court and another big ticket was removed. My ticket was quoted as "speeding over 70 miles in working zone" in north Salinas, CA, with fined more than $500. Initially, I almost gave up
and was ready to mail the fine to court. However, things got changed after Kevin took over my case. Kevin advised me what to do and prepared the written deceleration on my behalf. However, the court made a decision by saying i was guilty. At that difficult moment, Kevin encouraged me not giving up and prepared another set of back-up plan for court appearance. By applying his most successfully proven strategy and intelligence, the judge dismissed my
case on court. I want to say to Kevin: Thank you so much! I wish I had known Kevin much earlier, so he could possibly help me won all my cases. "

 - David, Fremont

    October, 2012