"I got caught by a red light camera in culver city. The ticket cost $490 which is a huge amount of money. Thanks Kevin. He gave me a lot of useful advise. With his help, this ticket was deducted to $238. I am satisfied with this result. Thank you Kevin." - Song, CA

I got my speeding traffic ticket in December 2012 on my way to SF at HWY 5 north
around Kern county, and I was referred by my friend to contact TicketDiscard.com
to take care of my case.

It took almost 6 months and my ticket wasn’t removed, but I was granted for Traffic
school, and I’m happy with it. Guys from this company has been very helpful, patient,
as well as result orientated. 
I’ll recommend this company to take care of your traffic tickets.

-X.C. Wen