This is Max Chen. I got a speed ticket in the freeway. So I asked TicketDiscard company for helping. They're really nice. They helped me get money back. Thanks for helping.

Based on's analysis, here's how much common infractions will impact your rates, on average:

1. Reckless driving: 22 percent
2. DUI first offense:  19 percent
3. Driving without a license or permit:  18 percent
4. Careless driving:  16 percent
5. Speeding 30 mph over the limit: 15 percent
6. Failure to stop:  15 percent
7. Improper turn:  14 percent
8. Improper passing:  14 percent
9. Following too close/tailgating: 13 percent
10. Speeding 15 to 29 mph over limit: 12 percent
11. Speeding 1 to 14 mph over limit: 11 percent
12. Failure to yield: 9 percent
13. No car insurance: 6 percent
14. Seat belt infractions: 3 percent

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"I initially got to know Kevin after being referred by my best friend after receiving a traffic ticket (3 charges, total over $1200) in late November,2011. Kevin immediately started working on my case with very professional manner. He inquired and analyzing all details, followed up every step through the process and provided strong and defensive materials for court letters on my best interest. Thanks to his excellent work, all three charges in my case were dismissed right after my case close deadline. I was absolutely happy and surprised. Kevin treats his clients as friends. He can be reached every time whenever I have a question. Kevin is highly experienced in fight traffic ticket. I will be very confident to pass all possible traffic tickets to him only because I trust him."

- David, Fremont
May, 2012