Recently I've got an red light ticket and Kevin helped me through every steps of the appealing procedure. Thanks to TicketDiscard my ticket was finally dismissed. - Thanks, Lu
I got a speeding ticket near San Barbara last December, 80/55 and the fine was 366. I contact TicketDiscard, asking them to help to defend my ticket. Their response is prompt and their service is quite good, a much easier process than I expect.

Last Month, I got the decision letter from the court and the result was "not guilty". I was surprised and so happy.

Kevin and his team has done really a great job and definitely I will recommend their service to my friends!



"It's been a very smooth procedure with ticketdiscard for my red light ticket. Their website provides all information you need. I followed the instruction and sent documents to Kevin. He prepared everything for me and I don't need to do anything else. I got dismiss notice about eight weeks after he mailed the documents. Thank you Kevin!" --- Sam