I got a traffic ticket on turning right on red last August. I was referred by my friend to contact TicketDiscard.com 
to take care of my case.

It took almost 4 months to get the final decision. Although my ticket wasn’t dismissed, I had a good experience working with guys in TicketDiscard.
I would recommend this company to the people who got traffic tickets to deal with.

- Yue, California

Ticket Discard is a very helpful website. Especially we Chinese people are not used to arguing for our own rights. Ticket Discard educates and helps me not to give up my legal rights. For example, Red Light Camera itself is still a controversial enforcement which is not fully rightful. In such case, we should not just accept what is imposed on us. Working in Silicon Valley, I am very busy with a lot of business trips. Kevin provided very professional advice and assistance. I highly recommend this website for people who are in traffic ticket troubles. 

- Jimmy Xu